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Gemstone Jewelry with a Purpose

       Our everyday lives are filled with goals, challenges and obligations.  The one thing in common with all our daily activities is that they begin with an idea.  We are always imagining what we are going to do next, sometimes without even being conscious of it.  These ideas generate in us as emotion.  It may be joy, excitement, anticipation, fear, or sometimes anger and stress.  Quantum physics has shown us that thoughts and intentions carry a specific vibration or frequency that is broadcast out into the world on a sub-atomic level.  These frequencies can be “tuned into” by other living things much like tuning into a radio station. Gemstones and crystals have unique vibrations or frequencies as well, and have been used for their specific vibrations throughout history.

         At My Elixir, we use gemstones and crystals in various combinations based on their unique properties, to create jewelry that enhance these qualities in the wearer.  You choose what you would like to enhance each day, be it weight loss, attracting a life partner, relieving stress, boosting that creative flow, increasing your personal power… the possibilities are endless.  Our jewelry is made of genuine crystals and gemstones, with sterling silver and high quality crystal shamballa beads for added “sparkle”. 

My Elixir

My Elixir creates beautiful hand crafted jewelry with energetic frequencies that enhance a specific desire. Much like ingredients in a recipe, we have carefully chosen semi-precious gemstones and crystals based on their individual properties and how they best contribute to the intention of each Elixir. We then combine the chosen gemstones with sterling silver, high quality crystal shamballa beads to add a luxurious sparkle. Find your Elixir today!

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My Elixir