Our Elixirs are made from genuine semi-precious gemstones and crystals whose unique properties are specifically combined to produce a powerful, high frequency product. These exquisite bracelets may also be adorned with gold filled, sterling silver, natural wood, authentic Czech crystals or Shamballa crystal beads. Our products are solely for the enjoyment of the wearer and in no way intended to be a substitute for treatment by a medical practitioner.

My Elixir

My Elixir creates beautiful hand crafted jewelry with energetic frequencies that enhance a specific desire. Much like ingredients in a recipe, we have carefully chosen semi-precious gemstones and crystals based on their individual properties and how they best contribute to the intention of each Elixir. We then combine the chosen gemstones with sterling silver, high quality crystal shamballa beads to add a luxurious sparkle. Find your Elixir today!

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My Elixir