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This Elixir is a combination of gemstones and crystals whose vibrations resonate with the month of February.  Amethyst is the more popular birthstone for February.  We have included a Swarovski Crystal which represents the Amethyst as well as the gemstone itself.  The gemstones have been chosen for their association to the month by their traditional, modern, astrological, mystical and good luck frequencies.   A description is found on the back of the card.

Amethyst - Calms, reduces anxiety, stress, anger and fear                          

Aquamarine - Encourages faithfulness, courage and friendship                                                                                 

Bloodstone - Protects against 'evil eye"                                                                                

Jasper - Stimulates imagination and transforms ideas into action                                                                                              

Onyx - Helps one keep focused; helps memory retention                                                                                            

Golden Topaz    - Encourages faith that you can manifest good things into your life                                          

White or Clear Topaz - Helps clarify thoughts and intentions

Swarovski Crystal - Amethyst



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My Elixir creates beautiful hand crafted jewelry with energetic frequencies that enhance a specific desire. Much like ingredients in a recipe, we have carefully chosen semi-precious gemstones and crystals based on their individual properties and how they best contribute to the intention of each Elixir. We then combine the chosen gemstones with sterling silver, high quality crystal shamballa beads to add a luxurious sparkle. Find your Elixir today!

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